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So here we are, complaining about how terrifying public speaking can be and how impossible it is to overcome that fear. In fact, 74% of US populations are Glossophobic. To speak in front of a bunch of our classmates or a panel of judges drives us nuts. 

Then there comes this guy, Chris Hadfield, who dared himself to go on a space shuttle mission to the outer space. That’s a whole another level of fear right there!

In this inspiring TED talk, he talked about his journey while on Atlantis mission- a mission to carry the second docking to upgrade the existing space station called Mir. The space shuttle was launched from Kennedy Space Center launch pad, and from there, he was traveling around 3,400,000 miles outside the Earth, in a speed of 17,500 miles per hour.

And the odds of this expedition fails is around 1/38.

Being in such a mission is a great honor because you’re making significant contributions to the world. You help humans understand how the universe works (and subsequently, why are we here?). Plus, doing this will probably make you a one in a 50 million — aka screw the 1%. They might have all the cash in the world but they ain’t ever see the world like you have. They ain’t got nothin’ on you.

But at the same time, traveling to outer space is like a gazillion times scarier than public speaking (or skydiving for that matter). Can you imagine all the adrenaline rush you’ll experience during the first few seconds after the shuttle was launched. Imagine traveling in such a fast speed that you never encountered before. Imagine riding the Goliath in Six Flags, but thousands times faster.

And what makes it even scarier is that, you’re fully aware that you’re in between life and death. I mean, seriously, one in 38.

Hadfield did beat the odds and landed safely and stayed alive and went back to the Earth safely (although there were moments where he turned blind). YES HE TURNED BLIND IN THE OUTER SPACE.

Okay, what the heck. Out of all your waking moments where you could’ve turned blind, of course fate had you turn blind when you’re in an outer space. When there’s no oxygen to breath, no gravity to keep you on the ground, and no doctors could help you out (unless some Aliens existed and passed their MCAT’s already). Can’t life get any worse?

As a matter of fact, it can’t. Everyday we’re bound to think that our life is the most difficult to go through, that we had more than our share of grief or fear or disappointment. But when we can just look around, get out of our little.. self-cubicle, if you will, you’ll realize that some people had it worst. 

Sure, public speaking is intimidating- knowing that your professor is sitting right there, meticulously judge each and every word you say and pay close attention to every little detail that you presented incorrectly. But that’s not the worst thing that could’ve happened to you.

And if someone could overcome their fear, the way Hadfield overcame his’ when he boarded that space shuttle, what reasons do we have to say that we can’t?? And in exchange, you could probably see and experience the world from different angle the way Hadfield did. 

Just chillin’ overlooking the revolving earth while being surrounded by the stars


Gazing at the sunset and sunrise every 45 minutes.


Walking (or floating, if that’s more appropriate) on the air


Can overcoming your fear of speaking in public literally help you to go to the outer space and allow you to see the world from this angle? Well, if astrophysics and aeronautics are not really your niche, maybe you can’t. But metaphorically, it definitely could.

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